Meeting Place: Museum Island

Picnic in the Lustgarten

Get in the mood for the Long Night with a picnic in the Lustgarten! Get together from 4 pm with other fans of art and culture in front of Schinkel’s impressive columns before setting off on your tour round the museums. Blankets, drinks and street food by Neue Heimat, organised by the digital city magazine ‘Mit Vergnügen Berlin’, are available. And while you picnic you can enjoy being enchanted and astounded by the dance, music and acrobatics of the Artistocrats.

A drum roll at 6 pm will make you sit up: the official start of the Long Night will be heralded in front of the Alte Museum by Peter Fox’s Show Drum School.

Then from 9.30 pm Sven Elze und Pedram Shahyar teach you first tango steps. You can give your passion for the dance free rein between the Alte Nationalgalerie and the Neues Museum in the colonnade court.

Picknick am Lustgarten © Sergej Horowitz
Die Artistokraten © Porsdorf
Auftritt der Jugendlichen aus Peter Fox' Drumline School © BÄM! Berliner Äcademy for Marching Drums
Bei den Streetfood-Ständen dabei: Flo & Flori mit ihren handgemachten gefüllten Brezn
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